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Tallinn Magasini tn. Jewish cemetery


Opened in 1790 (N. Gens). One can see a fenced Jewish cemetery on the 1856 Tallinn map. According to N. Gens the fences were made in 1845. On 1.10.1910 the cemetery was officially closed as the new cemetery was opened in Rahumäe. Still the last burial was around 1936. "Waba Maa" wrote on 1.6.1930 that the cemetery is now officially closed. The last burial was that of Moses Biek on 25.5.1930.

Schaje Levinovitsch's mausoleum, which was designed by the architect Jacques Rosenbaum was completed in the autumn of 1910. The cemetery (with mausoleum) was demolished in 1967 when a car park was built on that place.

Read about the cemetery here: in Estonian and in Russian .

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Tallinn Rahumäe Jewish cemetery


Rahumäe tee 5, Tallinn
Built in 1909 and officially opened in 1911. The wooden burial chapel (Ohel) was built around 1910. Renovated in 2005.
During one night in 1973 the Holocaust memorial was built (it was not allowed for many years as "we do not need special memorials for Jewish people"). In 2009 it was moved to a new place near the entrance.

People buried in this cemetery can be found here

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Tallinn Rahumäe cemetery (non-Jewish part)


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Tallinn Liiva cemetery


Not a Jewish cemetery. Kalmistu tee 34, Tallinn. The cemetery was opened in 1935.

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Tallinn Metsakalmistu cemetery


Not a Jewish cemetery. In Kloostrimetsa, near Tallinn. Established in 1933. Most of important people of Estonia are buried there. French Jews (Konvoi 73) and Polish and Lithuanian Jews (from Lagedi camp) were killed nearby. Read an excerpt from the memoirs here (in Estonian).

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Tallinn Aleksandr Nevski cemetery


This russian Orthodox cemetery was opened already in 1775. Together with adjacent estonian Vana-Kaarli cemetery they form a so called Siselinna kalmistu (innercity cemetery)

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Tallinn Hiiu Rahu cemetery


Not a Jewish cemetery. Established in 1919. Hiiu, Suurtüki t. 1

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Tallinn Pärnamäe cemetery


Not a Jewish cemetery. Opened in 1963. The biggest cemetery in Estonia. Pärnamäe tee 36.

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